The Dance and the Story: dance workshops for children
1 – 5 August 2022

As part of the Year of Stories 2022, children are invited to take part in a series of free workshops which will explore historical wedding dances originally performed by Scottish princesses.

In the 16th century, Mary Queen of Scots’ mother helped to prepare her for marriage to the King of France by teaching her the courtly dances performed by her ancestor, Margaret Stewart – princess of Scotland and the dauphine of France (1424 – 1445).

Through these workshops, children will be able to learn about historical dance and music, create art and costumes, write their own stories, perform drama and make a public performance – all based on these 15th and 16th century wedding dances.

Each day the children will take part in different workshops led by professional facilitators at Sanquhar’s A’ The Airts Community Centre.

They will rehearse a presentation to be performed at the Town Hall on Friday 5 August as part of Nonsuch History & Dance International Summer Course in front of a local invited audience.

The workshops are free and drop-in (all days or select days) and will run from  MONDAY 10.30am – 3pm (Sanquhar Town Hall)
                   TUESDAY 10.30am – 3pm (Sanquhar Town Hall)
                   WEDNESDAY 10.30am – 3pm (Sanquhar Town Hall)
                   THURSDAY 10.30am – 3pm (Sanquhar Town Hall)
                   FRIDAY 10.30am - 12.30am (Sanquhar A’ The Airts)

                        Performance 1pm – 4pm (Sanquhar Town Hall)

The Dance and the Story: dance workshops for adults
1 – 7 August 2022


Learn some of the dances that Robert Burns knew as a young lad and create a dramatic performance based on his poem Tam O’Shanter.

As part of the Year of Stories 2022, adults living in Sanquhar and the surrounding area are invited to attend a series of free evening classes and communal dance events that will explore the story of Robert Burns and one of his most famous poems – Tam O’Shanter – through historical dance, music and poetry.

Participants will join with the Nonsuch History & Dance International Summer Course, led by professional actors and dancers who have experience of theatre, TV and film. The week will culminate with social dancing, including a Grand Ball in Sanquhar’s Town Hall.

All activity is free and drop-in. Here is the week’s schedule:

  • The Dance and the Story workshops:
    Mon 1 August (6-8pm), A' the Airts Community Centre

        Tue 2 & Wed 3 August (6-8pm): Sanquhar Community Centre

  • Social Dance Evenings (welcome to participate or watch):

        Fri 5 August (8-10pm): The Auld Alliance Ball, Sanquhar Town Hall
       Sat 6 August (8-10pm): The Enlightenment Evening with Robert Burns, Sanquhar Town Hall
       Sun 7 August (8-10pm): Farewell Ball & Dance Party, Sanquhar Town Hall

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