Nonsuch History  Dance – Online Club

From Fall to Spring: six months for studying six centuries of dance!

 October 2020 - March 2021
Join Darren Royston, celebrated choreographer and teacher, for online sessions
exploring historical dances from medieval periods to the nineteenth century.
Darren, together with guest teachers, artists, specialists, and friends, will recreate
historical dance using music, paintings, costumes, history and drama from
different periods.
From Fall to Spring will move through historical periods and learn the early dance
essentials based on latest research and the Nonsuch repertoire, as published in
Peggy Dixon’s “Dances from the Courts of Europe” and Darren Royston’s “Dramatic Dance.”

SESSION 1: Estampie & Basse Danse
SESSION 5: Christmas is restored
SESSION 6: Dances from 1660 -1715
SESSION 7: Dances from 1715 - 1790
SESSION 11: Full Moon Ball