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Nonsuch Books and Music CDs

Dances and Dance Styles from the 12th to the 19th Century. The Nonsuch/Eglinton books contain detailed instructions and 'quick crib' notes for teachers, performers, choreographers, and students.

The accompanying CDs have a list of dances on the cover, and each dance is identified by an announcement before the track starts. They contain the music for all the dances played at the appropriate speed for dancing with the necessary repeat structure each dance with identifying announcement and musical introduction. 

Volume 1 - Dances From The Courts Of Europe - £25.00

in 2 parts one of 226 pages on the dance instructions and the other a separate appendix of 30 pages on the source documents
Farandole, Branles, Estampies, Special Dance Arrangements, and 15th century French Basse Dances Introductory notes on source material Advice to teachers and performers on style Colour reproductions of the Lorenzetti and Buonaiuto frescoes Historical notes and contemporary quotes in 'A History Tourist's Scrapbook'

Volume 2 - Italian Renaissance (15thC) and Caroso & Negri (16thC) Italian Dances - 88 pages - £13.00

15th Century Italian Dances: Pellegrina, Rostibolly, Anello, Alexandresca (to Balletto and Quem Pastores), Gelosia, Mercantia, Daphnes, Sobria, Jupiter, Zinevra, Prexoniera, Venus, Verceppe. 16th century Italian Dances: Torneo Amoroso, Bella Gioiosa (Cascarda), Austria Felice (Ballo for 6 ladies), Furioso, Alta Mendoza, Brando di Cales, Corrente.

Volumes 3 and 4 combined in one book -  Tudor Dances and Early English Country Dances - 100 pages - £13.00 

Part I: Basse Dance, Jouissance vous donnerai & Tordion. Almaine & Recoupe, and New Almaine. Pavane, ("Belle qui tiens ma vie …" long and short versions), Tordion, Pavane & Galliarde suites, Battle Pavane, and music for step practice or own choreography, including "Tant que vivray", and Anthony Holborne's The Fairy Round. English Coranto, Spanish Pavane, La Volta, La Morisque. 

There is a separate CD for Volume 3.

Part II: Arbeau Branles de Champagne, Charlotte, Pinagay, Aridan, Horses, Officials, Clogs, Washerwomen, de la Guerre, de la Montarde, Scots branle; also music for other Branles Coupés; Almaines, Black, Queen's, and Cecilia, Country Dances: Nonsuch, Confesse, Heartsease, Parsons' Farewell, Rufty Tufty, Sellinger's Round, Mundesse, Cuckolds All Awry, Shepherds' Holiday, Dargason, St Martin's. (Also 17th C 'Love for Love')

There is a separate CD for Volume 4.

Volume 5 - Later English Country Dances - 41 pages - £10.00

Gathering Peascods, Hide Park, Gray's Inn Maske, Jenny Pluck Pears, Lull Me Beyond Thee, Mage on a Cree, Picking of Sticks, Oranges & Lemons, Mr Beveridge's Maggot, Maids' Morris, Hunsdon House, Scotch Measure, The Slip, Trip to the Jubilee, The Happy Pair, The Hole in the Wall, The Guidman of Ballangigh, The Spring, Miss Stuart Seton's Reel, The Rakes of Rochester.

Volume 6 Ballroom Dances of the 17th/18th Century - 147 pages - £13.00 

(Includes dances in Feuillet notation with verbal descriptions alongside, and instructions in notation.)
The Ballroom Minuet (Rameau's), Isaacs' solo Minuet, Pécours' Gigue de Roland, Feuillet's Forlana (solo, & duo), Feuillet's Sarabande for a lady (1700 and 1704 versions), Calverley's Minuet for Five, Holt's Minuet for Four & Jigg, Pécour's Echo Bourrée Minuet for 3, Feuillet's Bourrée d'Achille, Feuillet's stage minuet for 2, a selection from Guillaume's (theoretically non reglé) Allemande sequences, and de la Cuisse's Cotillion La Grecque. 

Volume 7 Late 18th century & 19th century Ballroom Dances -  130 pages - £13.00 

The Allemande, (the earliest non reglé dance), including transcripts of the original instructions and drawings of Dubois and Guillaume. Cotillions, Quadrilles (incl. the Lancers and the Fledermaus Quadrille, La Française), English duple & triple minor Country Dances, 'Scotch' Reels; and closed couple dances such as the Waltz, Polka, Mazurka, Galop, Varsovienne, and Schottische. This volume has 2 CDs.


Volume 8 Glossary of 18th & 19th Century Dance Terms - 100 pages - £13.00 

An essential accompaniment to Volume 7. This Volume does not have a CD.

First Supplement £13.00

A miscellany of additional dances from all periods: Mediaeval: Manfredina and Rotta, La Spagna (short). Italian 15th Century: Ligiadra, Leoncello, Tesara. Italian 16th Century: Contentezza d'Amore, Contrapasso Nuovo, La Nizzarda, Il Conto dell'Orco. English Country Dances: Chelsea Reach, Fayne I Would, Well Hall, Woolly & Georgey, Drapers' Maggot, The Hole in the Wall. Baroque: Queen Caroline's March, Passacaille d'Armide. This volume has 2 CDs.

A full set of books is available for £99.00. CDs are available for £9.00 each apart from Volumes 7 & 9 which are £12.00 for 2 CDs, or are available as a full set for £70.00.

Nonsuch members get a 10% discount on all Books and CDs. There are also special prices for attendees of the Online Club classes.

Please note these prices do not include postage and packaging.

To order any of the publications please contact complete the Order form using the button below:

We shall then inform you of the price and how to pay. Payment can be made by PayPal or BACS transfer.

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